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What is a food additive?

2020-11-03 17:10:45

Food additives refer to the chemical synthesis or natural substances added to food in the process of food production, processing and preservation in order to improve the quality of food and its color, aroma and taste, change the structure of food, prevent food oxidation, rancidity and spoilage, and for the purpose of processing technology.

Its role in the food industry mainly includes:

One : Prevent food spoilage

1, preservative to prevent spoilage caused by microorganisms, in order to extend the shelf life of food additives.

2. Antioxidants are food additives that prevent or delay the oxidation deterioration of food ingredients.

Prevent grease, rich fat food oxidation rancidity, oxidation caused by: fading, Browning, vitamin damage, etc.


Second: improve food sensory properties


1. Emulsifier: Additive O/W emulsifier and W/O emulsifier used in food processing to form stable emulsion from non-soluble liquids

Functions: (1) Emulsification (2) Starch soft preservative and amylose combined into a stable complex, cooling starch difficult to crystallize, delay starch aging bread, steamed bread, steamed bun, cake:For a long time to keep fresh, soft, good slice (3) the emulsifier and flour lipids, protein function of hydrogen bond, coupling complex - conditioner to strengthen the dough network structure, improve the elasticity of the dough, add water imbibition dough mixed with air quantity, shortening the fermentation time fluffy dough products, inner soft, uniform pore distribution, non-friable rotten noodles widely used bread, cakes, biscuits, noodles, flour products such as cookies, chewing gum (4) adjust viscosity mold release agent, product surface smooth chocolate:Reduce viscosity and improve the material flow, facilitate the operation (5) the wetting and dispersing effect of milk powder, cocoa powder, malted milk, instant coffee, powder drink, soup is expected to improve the dispersibility,suspended, soluble convenience food in cold and hot water soluble and water (6) control crystallization, promote or hinder crystal growth (7) solubilization role (8) antibacterial, insurance: sucrose ester (fruits and vegetables antistaling agent) daub

2. hair color agent and hair color auxilliaries (color developing agent) : food processing added an appropriate amount of chemical substances, with some ingredients in the food, make the product show good color hair color auxilliaries: use hair color agent, add hair color promoting substances


Three: conducive to food processing operations

Clarifier, filter aid, defoaming agent

Maintain or improve the nutritional value of food

Nutritive fortifier

Five: Meet certain needs

Nutritive sweetener -- to meet the special requirements of diabetic patients

Vacuum packing, to prevent moisture evaporation - hygroscopic agent

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Add:Building 13, Phase I Standardized Factory Building, Xiaoxian Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City, Anhui Province

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