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The importance of complex seasonings in food

2020-11-03 16:34:02

There are many raw materials to produce compound flavoring, and their effects on flavor are also different.According to its properties and functions, it can be divided into salty materials, sweet materials, umami materials, spices, flavors, flavors, pigments and fillers.The amount of each ingredient in the seasoning determines its basic properties.Due to the specificity of compound seasoning and the regional flavor, the amount of all kinds of raw materials should be flexibly used and timely allocated according to the quality of raw materials and the requirements of flavor.As the combination of flavoring agents has different flavor characteristics and influences on each other vary greatly, the combination and allocation of flavoring agents is a practical, hopeful and imaginative work.

The flavoring characteristics of compound flavoring are spices and compound flavoring materials, such as enzymatic meat powder, hydrolyzed protein of animals and plants, yeast extract, and flavoring essence.

The use of spices in compound seasonings can satisfy consumers' different tastes of taste, and at the same time play a role in sweetening, eliminating fishy, deodorizing and flavoring.There are nearly 30 kinds of spices commonly used for flavoring, each of which has different flavor characteristics, functions and applicability.The use of spices in compound seasonings should be scientifically combined according to the properties and characteristics of spices and the requirements of the finished products so as to prepare the spices with unique flavor.

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Compound flavor raw materials can make the flavor of seasoning from the original monotonous, straight become full, round.Complex flavorings with a strong aroma and no base are hollow.However, the meat powder extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis has obvious advantages in adjusting the flavor of seasoning base, producing a strong feeling.In addition, yeast extract, nucleotide umami agent can also promote the coordination of all flavors and produce a full-bodied taste.

Sometimes a small amount of powder essence is added to enhance the base flavor.

Flavoring essence contains volatile components of specific flavor, which is the embodiment of certain flavor. Strong natural flavor and realistic theme flavor are the goals pursued by enterprises, and it is also one of the key ingredients for the formation of compound flavor.According to the different flavor of the product, to choose different flavors.When deploying compound flavoring, usually with a variety of flavors, such as pork flavor and beef flavor can be used with the advantages of the two, but in the use of collocation should pay attention to highlight one, the other flavor plays a role of auxiliary aroma.At the same time, the amount of essence in the seasoning must be appropriate, the amount is too small, food flavor light, not due to the effect;Dosage is too much, food aroma is too strong, can make the person eats to feel unpleasant, produce repugnance even.In addition, the choice of flavor should also consider the solubility of the flavor, oil soluble flavor more conducive to the maintenance of the flavor powder form.

The preparation of snack food compound seasoning should also pay attention to the following principles: First of all, when determining the taste and aroma of a product, the positioning of the product should be made clear, that is, the consumption area and consumer group, and to reproduce the unique flavor of food and familiar flavor of consumers as the basic point.Secondly, the aroma and taste of the seasoning should be consistent with the aroma and taste of the embryo material itself, and the flavor of the base material, surface and finished products should be consistent, so that it can play a strengthening role.Next, when choosing to show flavour raw material and essence, should consider the heat resistance of raw material, volatile sex, head is sweet, medium flavour, bottom flavour is coherent between, want to keep flavour at the same time certain form, caky product wants careful use.Third, when seasoning as far as possible to choose natural seasoning, so that it has a rich, pure, stable taste and aroma.Finally, the addition of spices should be appropriate, should be in order to highlight the main flavor for the principle, rather than to steal the show.

The variety of compound flavoring is rich, so it is necessary to make clear the characteristics of each flavor and scientifically select and match all kinds of raw materials in order to achieve a better overall effect.The above is small make up to introduce the role of compound seasonings in food, if you need to discuss and understand, you can call us or leave a message.

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