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A Brief discussion on the storage and research of fresh ramen noodles with mixed water retention

2020-11-06 15:50:31

The mixed water retention agent added separately in fresh ramen can make the water state change, that is, the T21 value increases and the T23 value decreases.

Dose more than three kinds of water retention agent to make fresh noodle respectively, under the condition of 25 ° C, every 1.5 h nuclear magnetic detecting moisture state change situation, found that adding 2% of sorbitol T21 and T23 curve change trend of fresh noodle is smooth, the state of the bound water and free water stability, conducive to keep fresh surface quality. Under the condition of 25°C, fresh noodles were stored and tested for microorganisms. The comprehensive shelf life of fresh noodles with 2% sorbitol was 13.69h.

Compound water retention agent

With the increase of temperature and time, the shelf life of fresh ramen was extended, and the brown variable showed a decreasing trend after 12h (storage at 25°C). The best treatment condition was 85°C hot 70s. Compared with the hot stamping process, ultraviolet sterilization has less influence on the shelf life of fresh ramen noodles. The comprehensive shelf life is extended from 6.81h to 9.45h after ultraviolet irradiation for 90min.

The compound preservation of fresh ramen was carried out by adding 0.015% nipogold ethyl ester, 2% sorbitol and hot irking process. The comprehensive shelf life at 25°C and 4°C was 34.47h and 7.3d, respectively.The quality of the blank group and the compound fresh-keeping ramen were measured. With the extension of storage time, the hardness of the two groups of fresh ramen tended to decrease.The elasticity, cohesiveness and resilience indexes did not change significantly.

The brightness value (L*) decreases gradually;The water absorption rate and loss rate of dry matter are on the rise.The sensory scores all showed a decreasing trend, among which the hardness, viscosity, elasticity and taste evaluation showed significant changes in the late storage period, while other indexes declined slowly in the whole storage process.

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Add:Building 13, Phase I Standardized Factory Building, Xiaoxian Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City, Anhui Province

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