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How to use compound water retention agent to reasonably do a good job of water retention to increase the yield?

2020-11-07 13:05:58

Meat products are high quality food, but also an important source of nutrition.The goal of meat processing is to provide nutritious, tasty and healthy food, which through careful processing and deep processing will greatly increase the value and cost-effectiveness of meat products.In the process of meat processing from raw materials to finished products, yield level is an important factor that directly affects economic benefits.Yield is closely related to water retention of meat.As a result, the productivity of meat is improved, and the water retention of meat is increased.However, usually in the meat processing process, due to a variety of reasons, slaughterhouses, meat processing, the preparation of finished meat products, taste changes, etc., may reduce the water retention rate of meat products, reduce water and affect the yield.How to use water-retaining compounds to save water effectively is the key to increase productivity.

Compound water retention agent

The compound water retention agent has the following main functions:

1. Increase the pH of the meat;

2. Metal ions in chelated meat;

3. Increase the ionic strength of meat;

4. Break down the inositol protein.

Adding phosphates to meat products is a very effective way to increase water retention.A phosphate mixture consisting of sodium hatite, sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium pyrophosphate is usually added to retain water. It is easy to conclude from these four aspects that complex phosphates play a very important role in water retention in the tissue of meat products and also play a key role in increasing yield.Anhui Zeguan food additive manufacturer is committed to studying the difficult watershed of water saving for meat products, and provides a single auxiliary choice for many large meat processing enterprises, so as to improve the performance and taste of meat products and other fields, which have been unanimously recognized by customers.

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