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How are compound water retention agents used in food materials?

2020-11-03 15:20:09

Compound water retention agent is a new type of quality improver, which is scientifically compounded by a variety of food additives. It is often used in the processing of meat products. It is known from Sawcomb food that compound water retention agent has the following functions in meat.

  1. Improve the structure and quality of meat products

    The density of structure and the homogeneity of cut surface of meat products are mainly related to the viscosity between tissues during processing.

Compound with water retention agent to make the protein viscosity increased, so as to make the meat organization structure has great improvement, internal organization is exquisite, can make meat good associativity, rich elasticity, good slice, slice and the sleek, fine taste good taste, enhance the tenderness of the product, increase the delicious taste of beef and mutton products, also can keep the original flavor of the product.

2. Emulsify fats

Compound water retention agent

In the processing of meat products, the water retention agent filled in beef and mutton raw materials can be used as emulsifier to form the oily latex solution and produce a protective layer for meat products. If the technology is proper and the emulsification is good, the fat content of the product can reach 40%~50%.

3. Improve water retention

The structure of the compound water retention agent attracts many polar genes and can absorb water, retain water in the product and prolong the freshness period. The water absorption and gel property of the compound water retention agent is conducive to the retention of gravy and the long-term maintenance of good taste and taste of meat products.

4. Strengthen the gelatin structure of meat products

A stable emulsifying system will be formed by adding water retention agent into beef and mutton meat products.During the hot processing of meat products, the protein on the surface of the fat ball is denatured, and the elastic self-bearing gel is obtained. The fat ball is tightly wrapped to form the consistent and elastic product tissue.

Anhui Zeguan Food Technology Co., Ltd. with the help of the unique geographical location, the food additive industry, keen understanding of the market trends, if you want to know more about the application of water retention compound in prepared meat products, you can contact us at any time, All the staff of Zeguan Food wholeheartedly at your service!

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