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How does phosphates improve the water retention of meat products?

2020-11-03 16:18:15

Adding phosphate into meat products can improve the quality structure, water retention and yield of meat products, improve the quality structure of meat products, and thus reduce the cost of meat products without reducing the quality of the products.Phosphate improve meat products, the principle of water retention is tripolyphosphate and pyrophosphate can by changing the charge system of potential to improve the meat protein, ionic strength, and make it deviates from the isoelectric point, make the charge between mutually exclusive, produce more space between the protein, the protein "swelling", make the meat group can contain more water to improve water retention; Hessiometaphosphate can chelate metal ions, reduce metal ions and water binding, so that proteins can bind more water and improve water retention. It has been proved that the mixed use of multiple phosphates is more effective than the single use, so the mixed use of phosphates is usually used to increase the effect.But the optimum ratio of mixed phosphate is different for different kinds of meat products.For meat products and seafood, pyrophosphate is the best water holding capacity, followed by tripolyphosphate

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The test confirmed that the ratio of compound phosphate (such as pork ham, beef and minced fish) was 2:2:1 (sodium tripolyphosphate: sodium pyrophosphate: sodium hexametaphosphate), but the added amount was different for different products, and the applicable amount for ham was 0.4 %.But for fish, applicable for 0. 5%, compound phosphates of minced fish product water effect is better than that of single phosphate, at the same time, the colour and lustre, zi smell and texture of the products are also good, but in chicken products, won the large ratio of the optimal ratio of phosphate for sodium hexametaphosphate 32. 6%, sodium tripolyphosphate 45. 6%, sodium pyrophosphate 21. 8%.In a certain range, the higher the amount of mixed compound phosphate is, the higher the yield will be, that is, the greater the positive effect on water retention of products will be, but when the amount is greater than 0.4 % for chicken and 0.5 % for fish, the upward trend of the yield of products will slow down.At the same time also considering the excessive phosphates degradation product flavor and color, and the human body such as too much intake of phosphates can reduce calcium absorption, resulting in the body of calcium phosphate imbalance, cause disease, is not conducive to human health, therefore, take composite phosphate dosage for chicken to 0. 4%, for the fish to 0. 5%.The amount of phosphate added in meat food should still be carried out according to the relevant standards promulgated by the state.

There are two ways for food additive manufacturers to get to know phosphate: one is as a substitute, and the other is to improve the efficiency of phosphate.

The phosphate substitutes are mainly gel water-retaining agents, common ones are modified starch, colloid, polysaccharide and soybean protein, etc. At present, the phosphate substitutes are not the main approaches, and their effects and costs are not as expected. In terms of improving the efficiency of phosphate action, the industry has a high expectation. At present, the industry mainly focuses on the impact of high-pressure and ultrasonic environment on phosphate action. The positive effects of the two ways are significant, but the current problem lies in the different conclusions drawn under different environments, and the research on the two needs to continue.


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